Customer Services We Provide:

There are many free services available to you from our expert Customer Service Department, including:

  • Assistance with material breakdowns and pricing
  • Shop drawings, specifications and other submittals
  • Delivery time frames and order scheduling
  • Retrieval of shipment tracking numbers
  • Homeowner and other lead referrals
  • Review of all orders for possible problem situations
  • Faxed or emailed confirmations of orders to verify pricing
  • Quotations for special requirements or designs

Many problems can be avoided by relying on these knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives.  They are AmericanOne Fence & Railing Specialists who can spot potential problems BEFORE they occur. Ongoing training and decades of experience allow us to offer you the highest level of customer service and support. Please take advantage of these services.

Material Prices and Order Policies:

While we try to notify every active dealer about any variations, prices, and policies, they are subject to change without notice. We will confirm your costs when you place an order. Unless otherwise noted, you will be billed in accordance with our current prices and policies.

Placing Orders:

Orders may be placed via phone or fax. For your convenience and protection, AmericanOne Fence & Railing will fax you a confirmation of your order as soon as your order is placed.  
You will then have 24 hours to report any errors on that order, otherwise that order will be viewed as CORRECT, and you may then be subject to cancellation and/or restocking fees if you choose to cancel and/or change the order at that time.

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify all quantities for an order.
NOTE:  Please have the exact number of line posts, corner posts, end posts, and gate posts needed.  Each one is punched differently, so an exact count is necessary. AmericanOne Fence & Railing will assist the customer by preparing a quotation based on the customer’s submitted plans and material list.

Special Orders

Special order panels, gates, and pieces may require a down payment at the time of order. Cancellation of special orders and non-standard products will not be accepted after the 24 hours of initial order placement, and must be paid for in full. An invoice will be sent after notification of completion of the order.

Credit Terms and Conditions:

All orders must be paid for before shipping, unless credit has been previously established. In addition, we offer the convenience of payment by Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Your card will be billed when your order is shipped. 

NOTE:  We can NOT accept your customer’s credit card.

Cancellation Charges:

Any changes or cancellations made after the 24 hour confirmation deadline has expired on an order of standard products, but before it ships, will be subject to a 10% cancellation feel. If your order has already been shipped, it will be considered a return, and will be assessed a restocking charge as well as freight charges. (See Restocking Charges.) No returned orders will be accepted without prior written authorization.

NOTE: Any special orders of specialty items cannot be cancelled, and must be paid in full.

Restocking Charges:

No returns will be accepted without prior authorization from our office. (A Return Authorization Number, RA#, will be provided to you and must be included on ALL paperwork returned with the product.) All merchandise returned to us must arrive freight prepaid and will be accepted subject to inspection. Any serious damage, such as gouges, dents, etc. will cause the piece to be scrapped and no credit will be given. Any non-standard items, such as special order panels, gates, or specially punched posts, will not be accepted for credit.

Merchandise that is accepted for return to our stock will incur a 20% -60% restocking fee of the gross material cost to cover any handling, inspection, recoating, and repackaging of the goods. The minimum charge for any return will be $100 plus any outbound freight charges that AmericanOne Fence & Railing has paid. Post caps must be returned with all posts and hardware; and gates must be returned with all hinges and latches. A credit memo will be issued for all acceptable material; no reimbursement checks will be sent.

Dry, unopened AmericanOne Fence & Railing cartons incur a lower restocking fee because the material in these cartons usually arrives back to us in much better condition. Cartons that have been stored outside sustain the most damage on a return trip. The sections and gates in these cartons, which have been stored outside, normally must be disassembled, recoated, and reassembled therefore the highest restocking fee must be charged. To minimize damage and maximize credit on your returns, please contact our knowledgeable staff for the best way to package the material.

Invoice Deductions:

Invoice deductions will not be allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with our credit department and a credit memo has been issued.

Material Pick-Up

Material may be picked up at our facility. Pick-ups are subject to 7.75% Cuyahoga County, OH sales tax, unless you provide us with a valid tax-exempt certificate. Please mark order form for “Pick-Up” and let us know that you want to pick up the material when you place our order. We will call you when your order is ready, and arrange with you a pick-up time. If you have not taken your order from our facility within two (2) weeks after its completion, it will be returned to stock and a cancellation fee will be charged to your account.

Shipping Policies and Charges:

Thoroughly inspect all shipping contents for damage immediately upon receipt of goods being delivered or at the time of pick-up from our facility. If any of the contents are damaged or the quantity and type of materials do not agree with the bill of lading or packing slip, immediately make a notation of the discrepancy on the bill of lading along with the driver’s signature if delivered, or inform our shipping personnel if being picked up at our facility.

In order to make a claim for damages on product delivered, you must notify the carrier immediately. A representative of the carrier company will inspect the shipment, packaging material, and the containers.  Upon completion of the inspection, you must file a claim and include the following documents:

  1. Original Bill of Lading
  2. Copy of Paid Freight Bill
  3. Original Invoice
  4. Repair Invoice or Replacement Invoice
  5. Inspection Report
  6. Packaging List

Any claims against the carrier for damages or shortages are the sole responsibility of the carrier. We are not responsible for freight charges, replacement materials, filing claims, or collecting of claims. Damaged goods can be shipped back to AmericanOne Fence & Railing with prior written approval.  AmericanOne Fence & Railing will help you in any way we can to collect any claims written against the carrier.

Freight Charges:

AmericanOne Fence & Railing will designate freight carriers at our discretion. If you prefer a particular carrier, we will try to accommodate your request; however, there may be an additional charge for the difference in freight costs. Any special service charges assessed by the freight company are your responsibility. Some of these charges include calling before delivery and storage fees. We can prepay and add the freight charges to your invoice, or ship your orders freight collect.

Material Damage:

All AmericanOne Fence & Railing shipments are sent F.O.B. our plant. If a damaged shipment arrives at your company, please call our Customer Service Department for instructions. If most of the material appears to be in good condition, accept the entire shipment and file a freight claim for the damaged parts. If you discover hidden damage after delivery, notify the freight carrier immediately. Do not deduct for any damages when paying our invoice, since the carrier, not AmericanOne Fence & Railing, will reimburse you for any claims you submit.

Shipment Errors:

Any claims of material shortages must be reported to us within 5 business days after receipt of the merchandise. If the error was our fault, we will pay the freight charges to ship the correct material to you and to return any incorrect goods to us. The returned merchandise MUST be sent back in the original cartons. You will be responsible for all freight and restocking charges if the error is your fault.


All information, including prices, are subject to change without notice. We are not held responsible for any typographical errors.

Occasionally the design or components of a fencing style may change and may not be reflected in the photos, drawings or descriptions. However, the overall appearance of that fencing style should remain similar to the original.

Privacy Policy

We do not disclose any customer information to any other entity other than those that provide a direct service for us on behalf of you (example: UPS).